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Welcome on the CPM® website

CPM® is an abbreviation for Certified Property Manager®.

IREM® - a US organization with 75 years of experience in managers’ education - designed and established the title of Certified Property Manager (CPM) and the education leading towards it.

IREM® Poland has the honor to offer you a series of courses based on American experience in the field of property management. Participation in the whole series of CPM courses leads to earning the CPM® title, but you can also choose to only take some of the courses to widen your knowledge on particular aspects of property management. In 2007 IREM® Poland was awarded a three star chapter status.

The CPM® title is especially important for the Polish IREM® Chapter. It is renowned by quite a large and still increasing number of property managers all over the world. Being a CPM® brings prestige and provides you with an additional asset on the property management market. Thus it is not a surprise that the candidate must fulfill demanding requirements to get the title. Through the courses organized by IREM Poland, the candidate not only gains practical experience in property management, but theoretical knowledge. The topics and range of courses are wide and change along with the changing market. The courses are often taught by US members of IREM®, assisted by Polish experts and provide a unique chance to gain knowledge on the American property management market and solutions used across the ocean, as well as about the possibilities of adapting them to the Polish market.

One of the most noteworthy reasons for the founding of the CPM® title (which took place in 1938) was the necessity of creating high professional standards in property management. Thanks to wide knowledge and long-term experience - CPMs® can maximize use and extend their property’s profitability potential.

Certified Property Manager® (CPM®) is able to:

guarantee a long- term experience in the property management domain | more
guarantee the interpersonal communication skills | more
clearly define the goals and pursue them | more
become and stay successful in the market competition | more
find the best solutions for complicated problems | more
manage different types of operations | more
uphold the highest ethical standards | more



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